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A Secondment takes place when an employee (or group of employees) is temporarily assigned to work for another organization or a different part of their employer.

Possible reasons include:

        • for career development
        • as a chance to gain new skills or experience
        • so as to preserve specific benefits of the original employer, for example a pension or share option scheme
        • to generate income for the employer
        • providing staff for short-term projects
        • providing cover for short-term absences
        • avoiding redundancies
        • charitable aims

There are a number of different terms involved in a secondment arrangement. In this article it is assumed that the secondment is to another organization, the original (or seconding) employer is referred to as the “employer” or “seconder”, the employee may also be called the “secondee” and the organization which is to have the services of the secondee is referred to as the “host”.

Secondment helps the secondees to develop a broader prospective on the business and allow them to acquire skills that may prove useful when the employees return to their usual positions.

Contract Staffing

Mecton or one of its local associates will employ the consultant locally which in turn would allow the consultant to work onsite at our clients’ place of business. There will be a monthly fee agreed that will include the cost of visas, transport, accommodation, insurances etc.

Outsourced personnel are perfect for these situations as our clients reap the benefits from their knowledge-base and expertise whilst working with them on medium to long term agreements

Contract to permanent

Mecton will allow you to test candidates on a contracted basis for a temporary period of time before you hire on a permanent employment contract. A contract-to-permanent arrangement gives you the best of both worlds. By the candidate actually working with you, you will find out if the candidate is the person you have been looking for.

Do they have the right skills? Does the character of the candidate fit within your team? This solution reduces hiring mistakes and spreads your recruitment costs over a period of time. Fees are agreed on a daily or weekly rate, there will then be a reduced recruitment fee for this service.

Permanent Recruitment

Mecton will recommend and support our clients for the candidate’s direct employment. Here they will be employed as in-house personnel by our client. The responsibility for their visas, housing, transport insurances etc. lies solely with our client.

It is critical to keep expert knowhow within and the recruitment of such specialists is paramount to the development of any organization. The advantage of permanent recruitment is simple – talent stays in-house. Mecton will receive an agreed recruitment fee for this service.

HR Recruitment Services

Mecton also supports clients with external freelancing HR consultants that work in tandem within companies’ human resources and in-house talent acquisition departments.

Working on-site at our client’s premises or externally, the freelance consultants take over specific recruitment activities on behalf and in the name of the client.

Whether it be an executive search or simply the identification and screening of all potential in-house employees, the consultant will work on behalf of the client to meet their recruiting needs.

Working on an hourly, daily or even weekly rate, Mecton can provide recruiters that recruit in English, Arabic, Hindi Etc., and across the tiers of seniority.

Please note that the pool of candidates here is not limited to IT and Engineering but includes very experienced candidates from many different recruitment backgrounds.