Innovate in new ways

Recruiting ambitious management, engineers & personnel for international mining projects

With resource scarcity and market uncertainty making mining projects increasingly complex, the pressure to work efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively is higher than ever. To stay competitive, companies need a smart, flexible workforce — from trades and craft to engineers and corporate personnel, Brunel has the mining recruitment and services packages your project needs to thrive.

Mining: The Challenge

■ Demand for new, skilled talent: The impending retirement of the industry’s most experienced workers will increase the demand for younger skilled professionals who lack industry experience

■ Investing in intensive machinery training: In an industry laden with large, complex and dangerous machinery, it’s crucial to invest in intensive training

■ Abandoning the status quo: Social, environmental and geopolitical factors are forcing the industry to innovate in new ways

■ Maintaining a safe work environment: Having a strong and unified safety compliance strategy is difficult to achieve worldwide

■ Finding talent globally: It’s difficult and time-consuming to find and transport the right specialists for global mining projects to remote, hard-to-access sites

The Brunel Solution

✔ Fast access to top talent: Temporary personnel services, service contracts and work contracts — right when you need them

✔ Global mobility: With five global hubs and offices in 40+ countries, we can quickly identify talent in the region where your project is located or mobilise specialists from around the world

✔ Custom training platforms: From teaching new trainees to upskilling experienced candidates, our tailor-made training solutions integrate directly into your project

✔ Safety prioritized: With emergency help available 24/7, our extensive Safety Management System gives you peace of mind

✔ Details, covered: From payroll and catering to HSEQ and safety, we cover it all so you can focus on what matters

✔ Pre-employment screening: Ensuring the right people work on your team

Connecting Specialists to Pioneering Projects

Mining jobs we can fill with top talent:

■ Project Managers
■ Dozer Operators
■ Maintenance Managers
■ Excavator Operators
■ Production Supervisors
■ Trainee Operators
■ Fixed plant maintenance
■ Heavy Duty Vehicle Mechanics
■ Mechanical Engineers
■ Ultra Class Truck Operators
■ Production Superintendents
■ Processing
■ Mining Engineers
■ Mine Managers
■ Leading Hands
■ Processing Plant Engineers
■ CDL Drivers
■ Underground Mine Management
■ Geologists
■ Underground Mining Operators

Job openings in Mining

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Saudi Arabia

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Conduct regular walk thorough inspections of construction areas Assist…

Tool Pusher

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ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Manage the planning and efficient execution of the drilling…


Saudi Arabia

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Installation, Isolation, reinstatement, and associated construction testing of electrical…


Saudi Arabia

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Directing all activities related to drilling operations in accordance…

Rigger Level – 1

Saudi Arabia

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Experienced in all types of Rigging and can work…