Rigger Level – 1

Job Description


  • Experienced in all types of Rigging and can work as an effective team member in large or small groups depending on the activity
  • Ability to work at height in an appropriate manner
  • Familiar with various lifting techniques and the use of equipment such as chain hoist, shackles, slings, tugger, winch etc.
  • Recognition and safe use of both manila and wire ropes wires and have the skill to make all required knots, bends, and hitches
  • Knowledge to assemble all types of pipework, welded, screwed, or Flanged in an appropriate manner under the supervision of Leadsman or Supervisor
  • Assist in hydrotesting operations
  • Erection of all types of structural steel work
  • Attendance during loading and unloading of supply vessels
  • Work in hazardous areas under ‘permit to work’ regulations
  • An understanding of the statutory lifting regulations
  • Prepare site for rigging and lifting operations
  • Conduct pre – use inspections and maintain equipment
  • Willing to carry out additional duties like cleaning, handling of material and equipment as directed by Supervisor
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